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The Tuff Jug is designed to take the guess work out of filling up your bike. No more overflowing or spillage here!

The Tuff Jugs don't have any hoses, as you just plonk this thing on top of your tank, and the rim allows the fuel to start pumping in. Once she's full, the cap shuts, stopping you from overfilling your tank. Lift her off and you're good to go - a fast and easy fill.



Auto ShutOff

Fills 20 litres in 45 seconds, 20 litre capacity with level markers (also available in 10L)

Easy to use, No Spilling

Non swelling rubber gaskets, Non cracking caps

Can be used on side

Has measurement marks on side in increments of 5 litres so measuring is easy


Comes in White, Blue, Red and Orange.

  • Standard caps & spare parts available
  • 2010 Yamaha / short tank adaptors are available (which also work on cars)  and also KTM adaptors
  • Also available are the quick caps for Honda CRF250/450, Kawasaki, KTM and Yamaha bikes.






Manufacturer: TUFF JUG




Spend $120 to $1,200 to pay byLaybuy More info

Brand:  TUFF JUG
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