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Thermal Jacket Restless Heart Donut Mid-Weight Funnel Neck Commando

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Restless Heart use merino wool because it is engineered by nature and outperforms any man made synthetics by far. Merino doesn’t itch and it keeps you warm when the weather is freezing but it also keeps your cool and fresh in hot and humid conditions. That means that you won’t stink after riding and not washing for days. Merino wool lasts longer than other man made synthetics, retains its shape and is a value choice.


Super Luxe
Merino is 100% natural and is grown by Merino sheep in the high country in NZ. With its high keratin and pure properties, it is hyper allergenic and the yarn is highly recommended by dermatologists to avoid skin irritation making it perfect to wear against the skin. It feels luxurious and super soft because fibres in Merino are longer and finer so it doesn’t itch like normal wool.

Merino has antibacterial properties that resist the build-up of odours unlike synthetics that smell almost immediately after they are exposed to bacteria. It’s complex chemical structure locks the odour molecules within the fibre and only releases them when washed, so it won’t retain odour over long periods.

Regulates Temperature
Merino is an intelligent fibre – it warms when the temperature is cold and cools when the temperature is hot. Its natural crimp provides Merino garments with superior insulation and breathability.

Ultra Breathable
Merino has natural ability to wick away moisture from the body. This helps to keep you dry, warm and comfortable.

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Size:  2XL

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