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Suzuki RM85LL9

Web Item ID: 12605

Year: 2019

Manufacturer: Suzuki

Model: 85LL9

Engine Size: 85

Kilometers: 0

Colour: YELLOW

Comments: 2019 Model Powered by a liquid-cooled, SCEM-plated 84.7cm3 engine and an agile chassis featuring fully adjustable inverted front forks and rear shock absorber, the RM85 - with 17-inch front / 14-inch rear tires, or the RM85L - with 19-inch front / 16-inch rear tires – both got what it takes to fuel the newest memories of future champions. Features Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) for durability, weight reduction and effective heat transfer to get superior class performance. Exhaust valves made of aluminium to match well the expansion rate of the cylinder itself improve sealing. The exhaust valve governor and actuator with good throttle response and tractability. Digital CDI map offers the suitable engine performance at high rpm. Smooth shifting 6-speed transmission features a fully worked-out shift mechanism, including strong shift-drum detent spring and needle bearing on the left side of the shift drum. Knurled shift-pedal tip delivers excellent grip and shift feel. Tubular steel frame and aluminium swingarm with thick wall for performance on the track, especially in the corners. SHOWA inverted front forks are completely adjustable for rider weight, style and ability. A large-diameter fully-adjustable rear shock absorber produces plush feel with strong bottoming resistance. Light small-diameter front and rear brake hose. Front brake hose is routed behind the fork leg, eliminating the need for a brake hose cover and reducing weight. Rigid rear brake calliper with reliable braking performance, long pad life and easy maintenance. Plastic rear brake calliper guard reduces the possibility of deformation and saving weight as well. A forged aluminum-alloy rear brake pedal gives the rider accurate braking feel. Footpegs are made of cast chrome-molybdenum steel, instead of stamped steel, making them more durable with better grip. A long clutch lever makes it easy to accurately locate and work the engagement point during starts

Part Number: 12605







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Brand:  Suzuki
Categories:   Off-Road Bikes


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