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Road Helmet Shoei NXR Isomorph TC2

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Product Description:
The Shoei NXR has 4 Outer Shell sizes making up 5 different sizes overall. The helmet is made from Shoe's AIM+ material which is the same shell construction as all other Shoei Motorcycle Helmets. This helps get the shell Slim and lightweight so riders can feel less strain on the neck.

The shape of the NXR helps combat against lift and shake at high speeds. This is due to it's aerodynamic shape which Shoei have wind tested in tunnels. At higher speeds most Motorcylists will experience movement from their helmet, but with a very accurate fit and a shell giving you maximum restraint against wind, the Shoei NXR definitely glides through air in the way any rider should need.

The Shoei NXR is now much easier to initially get onto the head also, some riders struggle to force a helmet over their head which can put them off, however with Shoei's huge array of experience they have managed to design the shell and interiors in such a way where it's easy to wear. This is only possibly with the vast amount of research Shoei continually apply to all of their lids.

Manufacturer: SHOEI








Size:  XL/62

Brand:  SHOEI

Tags:   2014 NXR


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