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Race Suit RST R-18 Fluro Yellow

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Offering exceptional value, the R-18 suit has all the important bases covered. We’ve cut the R-18 to be a true “all-rounder”, it has a less aggressive stance than our Pro Series CPX-C II and TracTech Evo suits so comfort isn’t compromised when riding in a more upright position.
We use the same quality leather, thread, stitching and 4 way stretch. All components you’ll find on the Pro series CPX-C II and TracTech Evo Suits, The R-18 has a pocket for a back protector, giving you the option to fit either Level 1 or 2, and is further upgradable with hip armour and knee sliders.


4 Way Stretch
CE Shoulder Protector L1
CE Elbow protector L1
CE Knee protector L1
Neoprene Race Collar
Race Cuffs
Max Zips
Race Hump
Double Leather in Seat Area
Sports Fit
CE - Level A approved

Manufacturer: RST





Brand:  RST

Tags:   R-18

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