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RJays Motorcycle Cover Lined with Rack

Web Item ID: 116332

- Fleecy lined
- 100% waterproof - double tape sealing
- UV resistant
- Durable locking slot is reinforced with double stitching to ensure lock doesn't damage the cover
- Quick-lock buckle system around base at the middle of bike cover enables the cover to be adjusted in, to prevent wind lifting, extra grommets around the base for extra security
- Extra strong high memory long life front and rear elasticised tyre grippers
- Expandable zipped section for easy access to top box while cover is fitted, on scooter covers only
- Expandable wide front for large screen or wide handlebar
- Compact size for good fit

Size Chart:
- Large: fits all bikes up to 1100cc without gearsack/ventura racks
- Large with rack: fits all bikes up to 1100cc with gearsack/ventura racks
- Extra Large: fits all full dressers including Valkyrie, Royal Star, GL1500 - especially with high windshields

Manufacturer: RJAYS





Size:  L

Brand:  RJAYS

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