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Motocross Boots Fox Comp-5 White

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Product Description:
An excellent boot at a great value, the Comp 5 doesn't sell itself short with features like a race-bonded outsole and soft-touch aluminum buckles. Comp 5 is the best value in MX boot technology.

- The Fox Comp 5 boots have been developed with an uncompromising approach to pack it full of top quality features at a reasonable price.
- Can be ridden straight out of the box with comfort; after breaking in the full leather upper, expect the Comp 5 boots to become even more comfortable.
- Fox designed the race-bonded outsole of the Comp 5 to mold directly to the boot, providing good bike feedback; each sole on the Comp 5 is specifically measured for each boot size making a more accurate fit.
- Fox even designed top quality buckles for the Comp 5 boots; the aluminum soft touch Pivot Lock buckles work with ease and are very durable.
- The anatomically contoured plastic shin plate increase the comfortable feel on the Comp 5 boots, in addition to the medial plastic to make for a boot that will last through the rigors of off-road riding.

Manufacturer: FOX








Brand:  FOX

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