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KTM 450SX-F 21

Web Item ID: 14103

Year: 2021

Manufacturer: KTM

Model: SX-F 21

Engine Size: 450

Kilometers: 0

Comments: NEW 2021 MODEL Due September 2020 2021 KTM 450 SX-F Highlights • NEW graphics with updated color scheme for a READY TO RACE appearance. • NEW mapping increases low-end power, enhancing the SX-F’s already light feel, and includes split injection for better fuel atomization and punch throughout the rev range. Map 2 has also been enhanced for the most extreme performance option. • NEW connecting rod with upper copper-beryllium bushing that reduces friction for free-revving engine character and improved durability. • Reworked shift locker for improved durability. • NEW hour meter casing with additional fixing points and only two M6 screw dimensions (only 2 sizes for entire casing for easy servicing). • UPDATED WP XACT front forks with new internals—designed for refined performance, comfort and handling—feature extended oil and air bypasses to reduce pressure peaks while a new mid-valve damping system improves damping control for exceptional feedback and feel. • Performing in concert with the new air bypass, a smaller rebound spacer in the air leg increases air volume in the negative chamber for a more linear spring curve, emulating the behavior of a spring while keeping all the benefits of an air fork. • Reworked WP XACT shock with a new o-ring for the link piston to reduce fading and improve consistency over long motos. • NEW suspension settings front and rear compliment the new hardware for better traction, improved comfort and confidence-inspiring feel. • NEW “low-friction” linkage bearing seals made by SKF provide noticeably freer linkage action, offering better suspension feel and performance throughout the shock stroke. 50 65 85 125 150 250 350 450 500 EXC XC SXF SX-F SXF XC-F XCF

Part Number: 14103




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Brand:  KTM
Categories:   Off-Road Bikes


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