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K&N KN-303 Oil Filter

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K&N KN-303 Oil Filter

Fits a huge range of Hondas, Kawasaki's, Yamahas - for fitment info see:

Drilled safety wire holes for racing in canister oil filters

Sturdy 1" (automotive) or 17 mm (motorcycle) wrench nut, where applicable, makes oil filter removal quick and easy

Heavy-duty construction

Resin-impregnated filter media provides maximum filtering surface for contaminant removal

Anti-drainback valve (where applicable) eliminates dry starts, prevents oil from draining back into crankcase during engine shutdown

Internally lubricated gasket provides positive seal while allowing easy on and off of filter

Rolled threads provide extra protection against stripping

Traps 99% of harmful contaminates

Manufacturer: K & N




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Brand:  K & N

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