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Gloves Rev It Spitfire Black/White

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The Spitfire gloves offer the high quality, safety and comfort you expect without going to a full race spec glove. The balanced combination of cowhide and goatskin creates the right blend of comfort and performance, which allows you to intuitively operate your motorcycle knowing you are protected. Your knuckles are protected by a ventilated dual-comp protector similar to the protector incorporated at the cuff. You will find TPU hard shell protectors at the palm and the knuckles of the fingers. The entire glove is made from our extremely strong PWR|yarn and outside stitching adds extra finger comfort. For easy adjusting we supplied the Spitfire with a double cuff closure and an adjustment strap at the wrist, the latter also serving to keep the glove in place in case of an unfortunate mishap. Thanks to stretch at the fingers and elastic at the back of the hand and wrist you can grip your hand firmly on the handlebars while easily operating the clutch and brake within a split second. Try on the Spitfire gloves to experience the ultimate freedom of movement and find out why they fit…like a glove.

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Brand:  REV IT

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