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Chain Lube BMW 300ml

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Product Description:
The BMW motorcycle chain lube is a fully synthetic lubricant for chains to drive two-wheeled vehicles, especially for motorcycle chains with high rotational speeds.

- Easy and quick to use: Because of the low consistency in connection with solvents and penetrating the product can penetrate the excellent lubrication points.
- Especially adhering polymers provide after evaporation of the solvent for a dense and well adhering lubricating film.
- The water repellent film itself holds temperatures up to 200 ° C and is not washed off even with a long drive in heavy rain.
- Special anti-corrosion agents protect the chain, sprocket and gear from damage caused by aggressive moisture, salt, etc.
- The BWM chain spray is suitable for both standard chains, as well as O-ring and X-ring chains

Because of the above mentioned properties of the BMW Chain Spray is suitable for fast rotating chains in the motorcycle industry as well as for other applications.

Before applying the BMW motorcycle chain lube the chain of coarse, loose dirt using a cloth or a copper wire brush should be exempt. BMW motorcycle chain spray sparingly and evenly spray on the clean and dry surface of the chains from the inside out; while slowly manually rotate the rear wheel so that the lubricant is distributed on the sprocket and gear. Allow to dry (depending on the outside temperature) so that it soak into the lubrication points and can develop the best possible adhesion lubricant 10 to 20 minutes.

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