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Bel Ray Waterproof Grease 454gm

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Product Description:
Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease is a long lasting waterproof grease providing maximum protection against wear, rust and water washout. It repels water and acts as an excellent seal for bushings, bearings, all chassis lubrication points and other applications exposed to wet conditions and a wide temperature range. Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease’s tacky texture makes it resistant to impact and wiping action - the grease stays where it’s needed.

For general bearing lubrication of bearings exposed to weather and wet conditions
Use in trailer wheel bearings including boat trailers
For best lubrication of all plain and roller element bearings operating from low- to high speeds
Features and Benefits:

Load carrying capability - Protects bearings for extended life. Prevents and impact resistance metal-to-metal contact under shock load conditions.
Superior rust and corrosion - Effectively protects bearings under the most severe protection conditions including exposure to salt water.
Heat resistant - Excellent for hot applications. Good up to 177ºC (350ºF).
General Description: Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease is a high performance, general purpose grease. It will meet all bearing lubricant needs in marine, automotive and motorcycle applications. The superior water resistance will ensure the grease will continue to seal and protect bearings, even after repeated washing. The mechanical stability of the aluminum complex and special anti-wear additives will protect and lubricate bearings for improved performance.

Manufacturer: BELRAY




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