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Bel-Ray V Twin Motor Oil 20w50 1L

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Bel-Ray V Twin Motor Oil 20w50 1L

Bel-Ray V-Twin Mineral Engine Oil is a value priced, multi-grade 4-stroke motorcycle oil
formulated for V-Twin engines. It is formulated with high Viscosity Index and low volatility
petroleum base oils.


•Provides the best low cost lubrication performance, engine protection and reliable all-season use
•Use in all V-Twin engines where economical protection is desired
Features and Benefits:

•Quality engine protection - Exclusive Bel-Ray anti-wear chemistry reduces bearing and valve train wear and keeps pistons and rings from scuffing.
•Low volatility base oils - Minimize oil consumption.
•Superior deposit control - Cleans deposits and reduces sludge and varnishes. It lowers temperatures and minimizes deposit formationfor cleaner and cooler running engine.
•Increased reliability - Bel-Ray’s additive chemistry, high Viscosity Index, low volatility petroleum base oils and oxidation stability provide added wear protection for increased engine reliability.
•Economical protection - Provides excellent low cost lubrication performance and engine protection.
General Description: Bel-Ray V-Twin Mineral Engine Oil provides shear and oxidation stability and deposit control for quality lubrication performance and engine protection. Specific Bel-Ray anti-wear chemistry means engines last longer and are more reliable with added wear protection to increase bearing life. Equally suitable for air or liquid cooled engines, Bel-Ray V-Twin Motor Oil meets or exceeds V-Twin requirements and WILL NOT void warrantees.
Product No. 96905
SAE Grade 20W-50

Manufacturer: BELRAY




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