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Bee Sting Kit

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A starter kit for motorcyclists with a bee sting allergy Getting a bee or wasp in your helmet is a nightmare. If you are allergic to stings, it becomes life threatening.

Our bee sting kit has been developed by and for motorcyclists with a severe bee and wasp sting allergy and those who just want to avoid being stung when on their motorbike. It’s critical to block all access points to prevent bees and wasps getting in to sting you whilst riding. This kit will help you to stay cool and enjoy your motorbike ride without the fear of being stung.

A practical combination of riding and bee sting allergy accessories brings back the fun of the ride.


- Overlapping neck scarf - covers the sensitive skin on your neck and chin and creates a buffer to keep the stinging insects at a safe distance
- VENTZ pair – a portable accessory which easily attaches to your jacket and directs air up each sleeve helping keep you cool. The bug filter keeps insects out of the airflow.
- Coarse foam - to insert into your helmet vents to maintain airflow, but prevent bugs being injected into your helmet
- ALERT! BEE STING ALLERGY Wrist band – notifies helpers of the probable cause if you do need assistance. The silicon wrist band is 100% hypo-allergenic.
- Insulated pouch for medical care – the bright colouring of this pouch makes it easy to find when you need it. It’s made for carrying one or two Epipen® and antihistamines (medication not supplied). It has a robust and comfortable belt loop and a handy clip to attach it to your pack. The Neoprene fabric and silver lining assist with keeping temperature stable.
- Sustainable and reusable packaging

Manufacturer: VENTZ




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