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BMW Motorcycle Helmet Upholstery Cleaner 300ml

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Product Description:
The BMW motorcycle helmet upholstery cleaner used to remove stubborn dirt and refresh the upholstery. This product was developed specifically for the BMW motorcycle helmets.

- Gentle care and cleaning of the outer shell and the inner helmet pad by synergistic combinations of surfactants.
- Special solubilizing additives also allow the removal of stubborn dirt without the material attack.
- Has a deodorizing effect and gives the cushion a fresh scent.
- Also suitable as shoe and boot interior cleaner.
- Easy application by spraying.

Dermatologically tested cleaning and maintenance foam for the helmet shell and inner padding. Effective, fast and powerful despite a non-scratching formulation. Simply spray act and let it dry, then optionally wipe yet.

Manufacturer: BMW







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Brand:  BMW

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