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<p>The HJC F70 Helmet brings technical design and materials at an affordable price point. Its aerodynamic shell is made out of fiberglass composite for a lightweight yet stiff exterior. HJC's Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS) helps move air through the helmet and pull heat and moisture out. Anti-bacterial fabric lining the interior wicks sweat away and dries quickly. Emergency quick release cheek pads are a welcome feature, usually reserved for more expensive track day helmets. An integrated drop down internal sun visor makes it easy to manage the sun without having to worry about bringing an extra face shield along. Speaker pockets allow the F70 Helmet to more easily take a bluetooth communication system. A breathe deflector and chin curtain are included from the factory, just a few of the details that HJC has considered. Lightweight fiberglass composite shell </p>

 <li>Aerodynamic advanced CAD shape with enlarged eye port for greater visibility</li>
 <li>ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System with front to back channels for airflow</li>
 <li>Scoop top intake vent and rear exhaust exit vents help pull heat from interior</li>
 <li>Chin bar vent flows air across the face shield to help eliminate shield fogging</li>
 <li>MultiCool™ interior uses advanced anti-bacterial fabric with superior wicking and fast drying</li>
 <li>Crown and cheek pads are fully removable and washable</li>
 <li>Emergency quick release cheek pads</li>
 <li>HJ-32 Pinlock-ready face shield (lens insert included) with 95% UV protection</li>
 <li>Larger HJ-V9 drop down internal sun visor </li>
 <li>Patented One-Touch sun shield mechanism deploys and retracts quickly and easily</li>
 <li>Adjustable to three positions speaker pockets </li>
 <li>Breath deflector and chin curtain included</li>
 <li>D-ring chin strap closure</li>
 <li>DOT and ECE approved</li>

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